Train Accident

Ghotki Train Accident

A piece of tragic news is circulating countrywide about the Ghotki train accident where a training barrel was wrecked into pieces, causing multiple injuries and casualties. People are crying for their loved ones, who departed their homes in good health, but never returned safely. This incident took place on Monday, 7th of June, and as a result of such a horrific scene, at least fifty-one passengers have lost their lives.

During the nighttime, at almost 3:00 am, in the district of Ghotki, a train derailed from its tracks and collided with another (Deputy commissioner of Ghotki). After derailing from the tracks, Millat express fell on the adjacent track where it clashed with Sir Syed express, resulting in an even bigger misfortune. The death toll kept rising as the day passed while the chances of survival for some kept declining (Rizwan Nasir, district administration official on Ghotki train accident).

Cries of help echoed throughout the night as the trapped, and severely injured passengers were in utter despair. The locals came to the aid of the injured and expired while the military and a team of engineers joined after some time. After a long process of nearly 15 hours of clearing the wreckage and pulling out the survivors or dead bodies, the aid-providing team departed. Since the Ghotki train accident, all the hospitals nearby were put on emergency alert.

All hospitals nearby are put on emergency alert. The casualty list that had more than fifty deaths has now crept up to 65. Meanwhile, many injured are suffering the aches of their life as their condition gets critical day by day. People will remember the Ghotki accident for ages.
The portion of tracks where the train derailed was not in a proper condition and required some replacing. The driver’s statement concludes that applying the brakes did not work in stopping the fast-moving train. The driver was carried out by the nearby villagers and suffered multiple injuries as well. As per a few reports, the engineering staff is to be blamed, while the engineering staff claims that everything was pitch-perfect from their side. The engineering staff also added that the driver could have been more vigilant.

Thoughts of Pakistan’s Prime Minister on the Ghotki train accident:

“Shocked by the horrific train accident at Ghotki early this morning, leaving 30 passengers dead. Have asked Railway Minister to reach site & ensure medical assistance to injured & support for families of the dead. Ordering comprehensive investigation into railway safety fault lines” (Imran Khan).

Is Traveling By Train Even More Dangerous Than Before In Pakistan?

As a nation, hearing the news of train accidents is not a new thing for the Pakistanis, as the country has had the most horrific accidents in recent times. Research shows that more than seven hundred train accidents occurred from 2012-2017(Pakistan railways). This country has seen it all from the bursting of gas cylinders, derailing from tracks, collapsing, and now this Ghotki accident. The public pleads with the government to take serious actions to be safe from such deadly accidents in the future.
The 3 Main Causes of Accidents Like the Ghotki Train Accident as Defined by The Railway Authorities Are:

● Problems of signals leading to lack of communication.
● No proper maintenance.
● Obsolete engines and bogies.

This Ghotki train accident has become a sign of terror, and people have started thinking twice about traveling by train ever since. A group of persons included in the Ghotki train accident casualties list was traveling for a wedding party. The only hope for its betterment lies in the government’s hands. Proper risk management and maintenance policies must be implemented to safeguard humanity.

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Man Attacked A Muslim Family

Man Attacked A Muslim Family

Man Attacked A Family With His Truck Because They Were Muslims

(Quoted By The Police)

On a beautiful evening in London, Ontario, just like every other day, the Afzal family were on a walk as they became prey to a hit and run accident which at first looked like one. Still, after further investigation, the police stated that this was manslaughter based on their religion and that the family was run over by a truck because of the terroristic terminology known as Islamophobia.

The family was immigrants for 14 years, living a happy life in Canada. Afzal family involved in Canada’s truck accident consisted of a father named Salman Afza,46; his wife Madiha 44; their daughter Yumna, 15, and a 74-year old grandmother whose name was not mentioned by relatives of the victims, while a 9-year-old son, Fayez was the sole survivor in this dreadful incident. How cruel can life be to such an innocent being who is now left with nothing but a long-lasting memory of this brutal truck accident?

While addressing this truck accident in Canada’s parliament house, their Prime Minister said that this was a terrorist attack influenced by extremist groups and is the definition of Islamophobia which does not even allow a family to peacefully stroll in the evening, especially now when the quarantine life is gradually on the decline and the only enjoyment, for the time being, is an evening walk.

“Many Canadians have been enjoying evening walks to get fresh air after long days at home during the pandemic. But unlike every other night, this family never made it home; their lives were taken in a brutal, cowardly, and daring act of violence. This killing was no accident. … Canadians are outraged by what happened on Sunday. And many Muslim Canadians are scared.” (Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, on Canada’s truck accident).


Pakistani Prime Minister also believes that this was an act of hatred towards innocent groups of people. According to him, Islamophobia is on the rise in Western countries as the Western media would have treated this issue with more enthusiasm if a Muslim caused this Canada’s truck accident.

After being arrested, the twenty-year-old suspect mentions that this attack was pre-planned while the police investigated this matter of Canada’s truck accident in depth. The suspect, Nathaniel Veltman, works on an egg farm. The farm’s CEO stated that the news of the truck accident was devastating and said that he has commiseration for the victims of this accident.

Justin Trudeau said that such an act of terrorism and extremism is intolerant for a country like Canada. He believes that this scenario will create a negative image, especially after revealing to the public that Canada’s truck accident was an act “motivated by hatred.” In honoring the departed souls, citizens decorated the light pole near the incident with flowers. In memory of the members of the Afzal family, a vigil was arranged in a local mosque.

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More than millions of people these days are using WordPress for building their business websites. But most of them find difficulty in choosing the best WordPress themes for their business website.  Before moving further let us understand the types of themes that WordPress users.


In WordPress, there are two basic types of themes that are defined as follows.

  1. Parent theme.

Parent theme refers to that theme that can be fully customized by or is a theme that is  made from the scratch

  1. Child theme.

As we know children have some properties of their parents, the same is with child themes, these are themes that use the properties of their parents. You can customize the features in the child theme like changing the picture, logo, etc but you just can’t change the basic design.

Now once you have understood the types of themes that WordPress uses. Let’s now understand how these themes work.


The theme in WordPress defines the creative design of a website and how the website looks when it’s developed which means that theme gives basic structure to your business website. For instance, let me ask you a question. Do you wear the same clothes for going to a picnic and attending a wedding event?? No right, As there are different clothes for different events the same goes for websites too. You can not use any theme for building your website but before moving further let’s understand the following.


Before choosing a theme there are some key points that should be focussed on.


Before choosing a theme understand that the theme is compatible with all the plugins that your website needs.


Yes of course using heavy themes which contain lots of images can impact the website speed badly.


Before choosing a theme check for its price because what if you search for a theme that is a plugin and speed supportive but are unaware of its price.

Want to learn more about choosing a free or premium WordPress theme then read the description below.

WordPress Theme

Many of us want to build websites at a lower cost for maintaining our budget and that’s the only reason most of them prefer choosing free themes because they think both free and premium WordPress themes are the same. If you also assume the same, then think again because it’s quite an obvious thing that the themes that are paid must have much more functionality than the free ones. Following according to me are the reasons for using premium themes.

  • More aesthetic design.
  • Doesn’t affect the speed of the website
  • More user friendly
  • Unlimited functionality with extra features
  • Regular updates
  • Can contact support theme for resolving the issues.

This question has confused many of us because choosing a theme is not only about the design but it’s all about functionality. Here are some questions that you need to ask yourself before choosing a theme.

  • Does my website contain lots of content?
  • Does my website need updates on a daily basis?
  • Do I expand my website in the future?

So last but not least before choosing a theme for your website all you need is to understand the niche of your business and that can be understood once you get the answer to the above question. If you are a beginner and are very much interested in blogging then moving on with a free theme is a good option but if you are a seller and want to open a store online then using a premium theme worth the most.


Let us understand this with the help of the following table.

SpeedLess speed efficientMore speed efficient
SecurityThey are less secureThey are secure
Customer supportThey don’t have a customer supportiveThey have customer support
Plugin supportiveThey are less plugin supportiveYes these are more plugin supportive

I hope you have got all the answers to your questions from this article. Every theme has its own pros and cons but choosing the right theme for your WordPress website is in your hand. If you are still confused about choosing the best theme for your WordPress website then mention your question in the comment section.

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What is Sales Funnel Development?

Sales Funnel Development

Sales funnel development is a step-by-step process of awarding people about your brand to convert them into potential buyers. If you have looked at a wider funnel from the top and gets smaller and smaller, it reaches the bottom. Similarly, sales funnel development helps in reaching the targeted audience who buy your product by filtering them through the following stages.

  1. Awareness
Sales Funnel Development

Awareness in Sales funnel development refers to making people know your brand by advertising commercial ads and using different social media platforms for promoting your brand to the right target audience.

Awareness is all about grabbing the attention of the targeted audience by increasing its visibility to the customers by creating meaningful content about your product which helps in persuading them to buy from you.

  1. Interest

Once the people are aware of your product, they indeed search for the brand on different platforms to view the quality of your product by comparing it to your competitors. But remember, the main goal of interest in sales funnel development is to build a positive relationship with your customer by gaining their trust. In this way, they can be one step closer to purchasing the product.

  1. Decision

If you successfully gain the trust of your audience by grabbing their attention, the buyer becomes one step closer to the decision stage. In this stage of sales funnel development, you can make your customer buy your product by offering them the following offers.

  • Free shipment
  • Promo codes
  • Buy one get one free
  1. Action

Action is the last step in sales funnel development where the buyer purchases your product. Many businesses lack in the action stage, resulting only in increasing their sales and not customers.

You as a business should not only focus on increasing the rate of your sales because the primary goal of a company is to convert the buyers into forever customers, which not only helps in building trust but will also help in satisfying your customers so they can suggest others to buy from you which results in increasing the revenue.

What makes sales funnel development important?

Sales Funnel Development

Do you think every person who visits your website is a buyer??  Of course not, because just like an ordinary funnel, your website landing page acts as the topmost part of a funnel with an immense amount of visitors, but only the interested visitor will visit your site further. The other will exit your site as soon as possible; thus, the data is filtered. For instance, if 1k user has visited your site, most probably 400 of them have explored your site further, which results in stepping them down to the next step of the sales funnel development.

Different types of Sales funnel development.

Following are the most commonly used sales funnels.

  • Lead Generation Funnel

If you want to have an email and contact list of your customers, then a lead generation funnel is one of the most efficient ways of getting your audience data so you can contact them in the future.

  • Self Liquidating offers

SLO or Self liquidating offers whose primary goal is to gain your advertisement cost by offering your customer a trial product that makes them more curious about your product. For instance, you want to sell your ebook. All you need to do is make a sample ebook containing limited information, which helps build your customer’s trust and make them more curious about your ebook, increasing your revenue.

  • Organic Content marketing

If you don’t want to invest money in an advertisement., Organic content marketing is a good option for targeting more audiences by writing SEO-based content that ranks on search pages; whenever a query related to your product is made, your product ranks first by getting more clicks and impressions.

Note: these 3 are not the only type of sales funnel development. There are many others too.

 Advantages of Sales funnel development

  • It helps in tracking your audience.
  • It gets more data like emails, contact no for contacting the targeted audience.
  • It tracks your sales daily.
  • It helps a business track its failure to see which stage they are losing their buyers.
Does my business need sales funnel development
Sales Funnel Development

If you have an online business, then the sales funnel development can add life to your business even when people are not buying from you.

  • It helps you to engage with your audience in a better way.
  • It is an excellent source of building trust, which results in nurturing the target audience for purchase
  • It helps in converting regular buyers into forever customers
  • It allows you to contact your audience by their emails and contact information that they have provided.

So if you have an online business, then sales funnel development will be the best idea for converting your visitors into buyers.

So let’s sum this all. Sales funnel development plays an essential role in online business. It’s only because of Sale funnel development that helps convert your daily visitors into buyers and buyers into potential customers by Awareness, Interest, Decision, and action.

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What is the website cookies Policy?

What is the website cookies Policy?

What is the website cookies Policy? How does the website cookies Policy work?

Computers store information in the form of 0’s and 1’s which are also known as bits. Similarly,  Website Cookies Policies are nothing but bits of information that are stored on a computer and can help the website to remember its visitors. Moreover, the Cookies files are sent through the web browser software and are stored on the computer memory as “cookies.txt”.

How does Website Cookies Policy work?

website cookies Policy

You can consider cookies as record trackers because.

  1. Cookies can identify new and old visitors.
  2. How many times the same user visits the website.
  3. Which web pages get more clicks and impressions.

On buying things online, Do you always enter the billing information for every new purchase? Of Course Not because on every next purchase the billing information is filled up automatically. But how?? The information that a user enters on a website is always stored in the form of cookies due to which the user doesn’t have to type their information again and again for buying things from the same website.

Web Cookies Policy identifies the users by giving them an identification number so that’s how the server identifies the user and opens the website according to their login credentials.

What Do Website Cookies Policy Store?

Cookies mainly store information about name, phone numbers, location, and login credentials that can help in identifying different visitors on a website and will also help in tracking user activities on a website.

What are the 3 types of website cookies Policy?

They are generally categorized into three types

  1. Session Cookies

They refer to the cookies that store information on browsers for a short time period and are destroyed as soon as the user exits a website. The session web cookies policy is mainly used for tracking user activities on a website.

  1. Permanent Cookies

They are also known as persistent cookies because the files generated from permanent cookies are stored permanently on the computer’s Hard drive. For example, The billing information that you have provided on a website will always be automatically filled for further purchases.

  1. Third-Party Cookies

These are mainly used by advertisers that track users’ browsing history for tracking their interest to advertise the right ads to the right audience.

Importance of website cookies Policy

website cookies Policy

Many people neglect the importance of Web Cookies Policy by considering them as hijacking and unsecure methods that are only good for hacking purposes and if you believe the same then let me correct you. Cookies are a great way of identifying the user and can also help the web development teams to track the usability of their website which helps in developing user-friendly websites that satisfy the users.

Website Cookies Policy Good Or Bad?

Cookies are good because

  • They speed up the browsing.
  • They store information so you don’t have to fill them in again whenever you visit a particular website.
  • They enable the website to know you.

Cookies are bad because

  • Third-party cookies can access user history which results in poor security.
  • Zombie cookies are impossible to delete because they are created automatically.
  • Website cookies can help hackers to hack your data.

So last but not least web cookies policy is bits of information that enable a website to identify its users by storing the relevant information about the user in form of cookies but what makes the web cookies Policy bad are the hackers who use the information in miscellaneous ways which can harm user privacy.

Should I Delete Website Cookies From Browser?

You can not control web browsers from creating cookies but you can secure your information by deleting the cookies from your browser. Well session and permanent cookies are not risky but enabling third-party cookies on your browser can share all your browsing history to the advertisers so last but not least deleting website cookies can help in securing your data.

Let’s sum this up Though Website Cookies Policy sometimes becomes risky, you just can’t neglect their importance because cookies enable websites to remember their users and can also help them in tracking the user activities on their website.

I hope this article has made website cookies easy to understand but if you still have any questions? Mention them in the comment section.

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Tips for Content Proofreading

What are the Tips for Content Proofreading?

What are the tips for content proofreading?

One of the most key elements of content writing is ensuring that the provided topic is dealt with properly and is free from errors. After learning content proofreading tips, a person can give a finishing touch to any article/blog. With the help of such tricks, the writer can attain the audience’s interest and create an understandable tone for your article/blog. This content proofreading technique allows the writer to be safe from errors and negative feedback from the client.

No matter how qualified he is, a writer can still create content having errors and some irrelevant information. The tips for content proofreading will allow him to point out such mistakes and erase the unnecessary information from his article. Even if the written material is free from errors and irrelevant information, it still requires understanding content proofreading methodology as the audience receiving such content might not be aware of a complex vocabulary and new terminologies.

1- Why do we require proofreading?

Before understanding the tips for content proofreading and some major proportions of this concept, let’s discuss why we require content proofreading. A writer may paint a beautiful picture with the help of his writing qualities, yet this desired content, drafted by such a writer, can go to waste if not revised thoroughly. Spelling, punctuation, and grammatical mistakes along with unnecessary facts and figures can create a huge mess which would ultimately result in building a bad reputation for anyone. Getting a solid grip of content proofreading tips and tricks will help a writer overcome such blunders.

2-Three tips for content proofreading

Many experts have gathered multiple tips for content proofreading, some of which may include:

2.1 Creating an engaging storyline:

An article without a proper storyline turns out to be stale. People tend to leave the website way before the expectation. This type of error leads to a lower ranking on the search engines and low trafficking on websites.

2.2 Use of electronic software:

The help of a computer saves both time and energy. A writer should acquire the help of computerized grammar and spelling checkers, but relying too much on computer-generated software can sometimes be risky. Most of the time, they provide suggestions that are not helpful. Such software cannot develop the creativity level of a writer and does not possess the tips of content proofreading known to a particular writer.

2.3 Gathering the interest of the audience:

Increasing website traffic these days is a hard task as the liking and disliking of the public changes with the passing of each day. Knowing what the audience wants, identifying their needs, and addressing such needs is a daunting task that is achievable with the help of detailed research about their interests. After this detailed research and a successful application of the tips mentioned above for content proofreading, the content that is so written will be perfect.

3- What is a good content proofreading strategy

A prolific proofreader ensures that the written content is free from any inaccuracy by reading the text in one go. A good proofreader has the following qualities:

  • He/she reviews the text thoroughly.
  • Reads each sentence for probable grammar mistakes.
  • Reads the text backward, which helps in finding errors more quickly.
  • Checks for correct sentence placement.
  • Removes unnecessary line breaks and adds necessary punctuation marks.
  • Sticks to more manual work rather than electronic programs.

4- Techniques of content proofreading used worldwide

Tips for Content Proofreading

The concept of content proofreading creates better brand recognition and customer attraction of an organization. The following techniques will help to enhance the quality of your text:

4.1 Reading:

Reading the text out loud can be helpful as it eliminates unnecessary information along with grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. While reading, when the text goes through the reader’s mind, he/she automatically detects the inaccuracy and corrects it.

4.2 Double-checking:

Everything from headings, subheadings, quotations, citations, and the main text needs to be double-checked. This re-checking will give the content more precision. It is one of the most important tips for content proofreading.

4.3 Correct usage of 7 C’s of communication:

A better understanding of the tips for content proofreading is achievable through a concept of business communication known as the 7 C’s of communication. The seven C’s of communication is a technique that helps in drafting content that has:

  1. Correctness (makes sure that the written content has correct grammar)
  2. Conciseness (makes sure that the written content is to the point)
  3. Completeness (makes sure that the content has complete information)
  4. Courtesy (makes sure that a courteous tone is present in the content)
  5. Concreteness (makes sure in portraying a clear picture of the text)
  6. Clarity (makes sure that the provided information is clear and understandable)
  7. Coherent (makes sure that all the facts and figures and true, not illogical)


We live in a world of artificial intelligence where the bots are operating Google search engines; therefore, ignoring the concept of content proofreading will be a sign of danger for any writer as ultimately he/she would pay a heavy price as such technology might be manipulated through SEO tools but not by inaccuracy in the writing content. To reach a better ranking on search engines and maintain a better reputation globally, one must keep the tips for content proofreading in mind.

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Google Plans To Open First Retail Store

Google Plans To Open First Retail Store

Background of Google First Retail Store

The long-term planning of Google to open its retail store came to a close in the month of June. Their first-ever store opened on 16th June 2021. This store is present in the heart of New York, Manhattan. The ever so anticipated news is now a reality. The fans of Google, who were desperately waiting for this news to arrive, are currently visiting this store and experiencing it. “Google plans to open first retail store” is a trendy topic in major search engines.

Structure of Google First Retail Store

This store is in a region filled with many other valued stores like the Apple store. The total coverage of this store is quite massive, almost 5000 square feet. The store gives a feeling of relaxation with amazing woody textures and a lot of usage of lights. The ambiance of this Google store is second to none. The environment of this retail store is way better than other quality stores. Google mentioned that much of its furniture and interior design is made from recycled materials.

Retail Store

This new Google first retail Store is providing gaming rooms. Google’s first retail Store is providing a space for the gaming freaks to play Stadia games. This way, the gaming addicts and their friends can have a good time in this room. The experience that this room provides is incomparable. Another room for Google to showcase its living room products is also present at this Google first retail Store. A beautifully crafted glass booth is used to showcase the latest technologies of Google.

This store provides a welcoming touch, and the customers never leave the stores disappointed. A customer that is generally new to Google products will love spending time in the store as it gives a pleasing touch to the customers. In addition, a remarkable interior and graceful furniture styles grab customers’ attention, which leads to better sales and more people visiting the stores.

Products Being Offered in Google First Retail Store the U.S

Since this retail store has Google’s name attached to it, therefore, it’s for certain that Google’s first retail Store will try and be creative as ever. Their creativity lies in being innovative. Innovation is a thing Google flourishes in, and this innovation reflects in every corner of the new Google store. The products on offer currently in this store include:

  • Google home devices
  • Google Smartphones
  • Google gadgets
  • Fit bits
  • Nest speakers
  • Various displays and cameras

In addition to the aforementioned items, Google also features other products. The products from third parties are also present at this Google store. Third-party products like phone cases, branded merchandise, caps, toys, and clothing items are available in stock.

Services Offered By the Google First Retail Store

With the circulation of the news that Google plans to open its first retail store, the news regarding its Pixel phones also began. The statement provided by Google was that they are offering on-site repairs for Pixel phones in this store. Google store also serves as a customer care unit. The queries, problems, and confusion from the customer’s end will be dealt with thoroughly. Google store provides absolutely everything for its customers in this store and will never disappoint them.

Different customer care services like troubleshooting problems, fixing a hack and installing different software on mobile devices. Another issue of getting a cracked screen fixed is one major problem for the users, and this store will provide the relevant service. Furthermore, multiple sandbox areas for various google brands like Pixel, Stadia, and nest are available for customers’ benefit. For the enlightening of the customers about the three mentioned-above product lines, Google store is providing consultancies as to how these products are beneficial and trustworthy.

Google First Retail Store Has the Following Sandbox Areas:

Pixel Area:

The Pixel area enables the users just to walk in and seek for themselves, the products and their features. What makes these products separate from others, their specs and prices, and all other related questions will be answered. In addition, this area displays the quality of the Pixel phone’s cameras and different lighting effects.

Stadia Area:

This area allows the users to experience an amazing feeling of both online and offline gaming. Moreover, the game streaming services are available for the users to experience in this Google store.

Nest Area:

This area is a platform for the showcasing of Google Home products. These home products portray a beautiful image of the company as they prove to be both graceful and trendy at the same time. These products are displayed in a living room-like hall decorated with unique fixtures and furniture. These fixtures and furniture give an amazing feel, and their elegance is a source to attract customers into the Google store.

This Google first retail Store proves to be an all-important decision for Google’s team. So far, there is no such news of the opening of other stores. As this store is a one-off store created just to check the customer reaction, Google is anxiously waiting for their response. With a positive response, Google will seek to build more stores like these.

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Why SEO is important for business?

Reasons that make SEO Important

Every day millions of people are searching for their queries on search engines and that makes SEO an important topic of discussion for online businesses. SEO is a way of answering the queries that users type in search engines. There are millions and trillions of websites available on search engines but what differentiates the website is only SEO which helps in ranking the website.

Is SEO really necessary?

Yes, SEO plays a vital role when it comes to online business. Developing a website for your business is not enough; you have to optimize it too. Will you create a website that is not searched by the user?? I know you find this question funny but it’s a fact because It’s totally useless to create a website that is not reached by the user. Hundreds of thousands of people are searching on Google every day and millions of websites are available for answering their queries. What makes your website unique from your competitors is your content writing but the goal for ranking your content will only be achieved by SEO.

Is Ranking a Website on Google A Luck??

No, Not at all ranking a website is not at all the luck you have to do proper SEO which means your content should answer the queries that the user has searched for, and that the only factor by which search engines differentiate  the websites, So ranking a website is not at all a luck but it’s all about using proper SEO strategies

SEO a waste of money and time?

SEO is a time and effort-consuming process but it’s not at all a waste when it comes to time and money. Investing money on developing a website for your business by purchasing domain hosting, hiring developers for the development. But what if your business website is developed but is unable to reach the users, what if it’s not answering the queries that users are searching for so in that case developing a website for your business with zero SEO is a waste of money and time. Hence Complete SEO is a valuable process that helps in increasing the traffic of your site.

Does my business need SEO?

No matter what your business is about. It can either be a blog site, an e-commerce store, or a youtube channel. It requires SEO for ranking on search engines. Here are some factors that identify why SEO Services are important for any business.

  • SEO a user experience booster

SEO is directly proportional to Ux(User experience) which means that no matter how good the content of your website is but if it’s not user-friendly then it’s not worthy and causes a bad effect on the SEO of the website. Following are two important factors that can make a site user-friendly.

1. Usability

The term usability refers to how easy a site is to use, are all the links working properly or they are giving errors.

2. User Experience

It refers to the designing of a website which means that the site is worth engaging or not. For a good user experience (UX) you have to make design from a user perspective by keeping all the ‘WH’ questions in your mind: what will the user search form, why should they navigate your site. Why should they make purchases from your site?

  • SEO makes your brand visible

SEO is a great way for increasing the visibility of your brand. the more visible your brand is the more you have chances to gain good traffic

  • SEO help in gaining the trust of users

SEO acts as a trust gainer for your user. If the user find relevant information from your site then most probably they will always trust your site for getting relevant information

  • SEO helps in getting targeted traffic:-

SEO helps in getting a targeted audience because it ranks the websites according to the location. For example, if a person living in Pakistan wants to order food the search engine will only show the relevant pages of restaurants that are not only available in Pakistan but are also relevant to the location which means a user searching from a specific location in Karachi will only get the result that is near to their location.

  • SEO can cause a long term marketing strategy

SEO is a time-consuming process  but if effects are for the long term and due to this reason it is considered as the long term marketing strategy

How much does SEO cost?

There is no exact cost of SEO as it all depends on what sort of people are you hiring for performing SEO on your business. There are lots of free google extensions like MOZ, Majestic black link analyzer, etc which help in getting the Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), and spam rate which help in analyzing the website. Apart from this there are paid tools like Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, etc. Hence the cost is all dependent on which type of people you are hiring.

When to Stop SEO?


Are you thinking that your website has reached its destination by ranking on the topmost page of search engines and you need to stop focusing on SEO?? If you are thinking then you are wrong because millions of businesses are online and everyone is working best to beat their competitors so it’s not at all a good idea to stop SEO once you have reached the topmost page on the search engine because of the minor lack in SEO can affect your rank badly and that’s how the ranking is affected so it is important to update your site and check for its ranking. SEO is a wide topic for discussion but hopefully, this article has given you profound knowledge about the importance of SEO in business but if you have further queries that feel free to ask your question in the comment section.

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