Google Plans To Open First Retail Store

Google Plans To Open First Retail Store

Background of Google First Retail Store

The long-term planning of Google to open its retail store came to a close in the month of June. Their first-ever store opened on 16th June 2021. This store is present in the heart of New York, Manhattan. The ever so anticipated news is now a reality. The fans of Google, who were desperately waiting for this news to arrive, are currently visiting this store and experiencing it. “Google plans to open first retail store” is a trendy topic in major search engines.

Structure of Google First Retail Store

This store is in a region filled with many other valued stores like the Apple store. The total coverage of this store is quite massive, almost 5000 square feet. The store gives a feeling of relaxation with amazing woody textures and a lot of usage of lights. The ambiance of this Google store is second to none. The environment of this retail store is way better than other quality stores. Google mentioned that much of its furniture and interior design is made from recycled materials.

Retail Store

This new Google first retail Store is providing gaming rooms. Google’s first retail Store is providing a space for the gaming freaks to play Stadia games. This way, the gaming addicts and their friends can have a good time in this room. The experience that this room provides is incomparable. Another room for Google to showcase its living room products is also present at this Google first retail Store. A beautifully crafted glass booth is used to showcase the latest technologies of Google.

This store provides a welcoming touch, and the customers never leave the stores disappointed. A customer that is generally new to Google products will love spending time in the store as it gives a pleasing touch to the customers. In addition, a remarkable interior and graceful furniture styles grab customers’ attention, which leads to better sales and more people visiting the stores.

Products Being Offered in Google First Retail Store the U.S

Since this retail store has Google’s name attached to it, therefore, it’s for certain that Google’s first retail Store will try and be creative as ever. Their creativity lies in being innovative. Innovation is a thing Google flourishes in, and this innovation reflects in every corner of the new Google store. The products on offer currently in this store include:

  • Google home devices
  • Google Smartphones
  • Google gadgets
  • Fit bits
  • Nest speakers
  • Various displays and cameras

In addition to the aforementioned items, Google also features other products. The products from third parties are also present at this Google store. Third-party products like phone cases, branded merchandise, caps, toys, and clothing items are available in stock.

Services Offered By the Google First Retail Store

With the circulation of the news that Google plans to open its first retail store, the news regarding its Pixel phones also began. The statement provided by Google was that they are offering on-site repairs for Pixel phones in this store. Google store also serves as a customer care unit. The queries, problems, and confusion from the customer’s end will be dealt with thoroughly. Google store provides absolutely everything for its customers in this store and will never disappoint them.

Different customer care services like troubleshooting problems, fixing a hack and installing different software on mobile devices. Another issue of getting a cracked screen fixed is one major problem for the users, and this store will provide the relevant service. Furthermore, multiple sandbox areas for various google brands like Pixel, Stadia, and nest are available for customers’ benefit. For the enlightening of the customers about the three mentioned-above product lines, Google store is providing consultancies as to how these products are beneficial and trustworthy.

Google First Retail Store Has the Following Sandbox Areas:

Pixel Area:

The Pixel area enables the users just to walk in and seek for themselves, the products and their features. What makes these products separate from others, their specs and prices, and all other related questions will be answered. In addition, this area displays the quality of the Pixel phone’s cameras and different lighting effects.

Stadia Area:

This area allows the users to experience an amazing feeling of both online and offline gaming. Moreover, the game streaming services are available for the users to experience in this Google store.

Nest Area:

This area is a platform for the showcasing of Google Home products. These home products portray a beautiful image of the company as they prove to be both graceful and trendy at the same time. These products are displayed in a living room-like hall decorated with unique fixtures and furniture. These fixtures and furniture give an amazing feel, and their elegance is a source to attract customers into the Google store.

This Google first retail Store proves to be an all-important decision for Google’s team. So far, there is no such news of the opening of other stores. As this store is a one-off store created just to check the customer reaction, Google is anxiously waiting for their response. With a positive response, Google will seek to build more stores like these.

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