what is internet marketing

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing refers to the process of buying or selling a product online. Remember, we always wish to have an Aladdin lamp that can solve all our problems in seconds. Fortunately, living in the 21st century, we have found that lamp that answers all our queries within seconds, and you know what? That lamp is none other than google, bing, yahoo, and other search engines where users can search for their queries and find answers within seconds.
”SEO plays a very crucial role in the success of internet marketing.”

How many searches Google does in a second?

Internet Marketing

Every day millions of people are busy searching for their answers on search engines. According to researchers, more than 70k searches are made every second; if you multiply 70,000 with 60( minutes in an hour), that is equal to 420,0000 searches in a minute. Note: Hence Google doesn’t share its search volume result in you can take it as an estimation and can also calculate the search engine volume by using the given formula “Search Engine Volume= no of searches in seconds * Total No of time”

How does SEO play a very crucial role in ranking a Website/Content?

Internet Marketing

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization, which is a process of optimizing content so that it ranks to the topmost pages whenever a search related to that content is done.

Types of SEO

SEO consists of the following two types

  • On-Page Seo

You can consider it a controllable SEO. The publisher can rank the website to the top pages of search engines by optimizing the keyword, making relevant URLs, and using proper meta tags.Tip: Don’t forget to write an eye-catchy title that grabs the reader’s attention without making them bored.

  • Off-Page Seo

It refers to link-building(linking one web page to another to gain more traffic), which helps search engines rank a website. Moreover, Off-page SEO is not controllable by publishers. There are two types of backlinks, i.e., Do-Follow Back Link and No-Follow Backlink.

What Is Do-Follow Backlink?

Do follow backlinks are quality backlinks that enable the google bots to judge the quality of a website. The rate of the Do-follow link is directly proportional to ranking a website.

What is No-Follow Back Link?

No follow backlinks are also known as low-quality backlinks because many sites have like Quora have mentioned in their policy that the backlinks generated through their platforms are no-follow backlinks are unauthorized backlinks because no one takes it authorization and this is how no-follow backlinks increase the spam score of a website.

  • Technical Seo

Technical Seo defines the quality of your websites to search engines. Different google crawlers, which are also known as bots or spiders, check the website quality through the following strategies,

  • Load time of the website.
  • Amount of backlinks a website contains.
  • Load time of images on websites.

SEO plays a very crucial role in the success of Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Living in the 21st century, where everything is available online, makes SEO an important topic for discussion. Millions of products or content related to the same niche are imported to search engines daily. Every online business’s dream is to rank first whenever a search related to their business or niche is done. This goal is only attained by SEO but remember SEO is an ongoing process that requires months of struggle and hard work. Below are some crucial roles of SEO in the success of internet marketing.

  1. SEO A Brand Awareness Booster

SEO can help you to boost your brand by increasing its brand awareness. So whenever a search related to your niche is done, the search engine shows them your website or blog.

  1. SEO increases the traffic

Internet marketing is all about grabbing the target audience’s attention, which helps increase the click and impression of web pages by gaining a more targeted audience.

  1. SEO a Sales Booster

SEO is directly proportional to the sales of a business because it makes your business or content visible to the search engines, which helps increase the traffic and results in increasing the sale.

  1. SEO converts your visitors to customers.

It’s only because Seo makes your website visible to the search engines and helps a business organically convert its daily visitors into customers. Most of the users visit the web pages that are ranked at the topmost page of search engines.

Let’s sum this up. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which refers to optimizing any content that is available on Search Engines in a way that reaches the target audience. SEO’s primary goal is to rank the content to the topmost page whenever a search related to the content is made. SEO consists of three types (1) On-page (2) off-Page Seo (3) Technical Seo. This article consists of four crucial roles of SEO in the success of internet marketing.

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Pro Tip: Use the Search Engine volume formula that is mentioned above.

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