What is the website cookies Policy?

What is the website cookies Policy?

What is the website cookies Policy? How does the website cookies Policy work?

Computers store information in the form of 0’s and 1’s which are also known as bits. Similarly,  Website Cookies Policies are nothing but bits of information that are stored on a computer and can help the website to remember its visitors. Moreover, the Cookies files are sent through the web browser software and are stored on the computer memory as “cookies.txt”.

How does Website Cookies Policy work?

website cookies Policy

You can consider cookies as record trackers because.

  1. Cookies can identify new and old visitors.
  2. How many times the same user visits the website.
  3. Which web pages get more clicks and impressions.

On buying things online, Do you always enter the billing information for every new purchase? Of Course Not because on every next purchase the billing information is filled up automatically. But how?? The information that a user enters on a website is always stored in the form of cookies due to which the user doesn’t have to type their information again and again for buying things from the same website.

Web Cookies Policy identifies the users by giving them an identification number so that’s how the server identifies the user and opens the website according to their login credentials.

What Do Website Cookies Policy Store?

Cookies mainly store information about name, phone numbers, location, and login credentials that can help in identifying different visitors on a website and will also help in tracking user activities on a website.

What are the 3 types of website cookies Policy?

They are generally categorized into three types

  1. Session Cookies

They refer to the cookies that store information on browsers for a short time period and are destroyed as soon as the user exits a website. The session web cookies policy is mainly used for tracking user activities on a website.

  1. Permanent Cookies

They are also known as persistent cookies because the files generated from permanent cookies are stored permanently on the computer’s Hard drive. For example, The billing information that you have provided on a website will always be automatically filled for further purchases.

  1. Third-Party Cookies

These are mainly used by advertisers that track users’ browsing history for tracking their interest to advertise the right ads to the right audience.

Importance of website cookies Policy

website cookies Policy

Many people neglect the importance of Web Cookies Policy by considering them as hijacking and unsecure methods that are only good for hacking purposes and if you believe the same then let me correct you. Cookies are a great way of identifying the user and can also help the web development teams to track the usability of their website which helps in developing user-friendly websites that satisfy the users.

Website Cookies Policy Good Or Bad?

Cookies are good because

  • They speed up the browsing.
  • They store information so you don’t have to fill them in again whenever you visit a particular website.
  • They enable the website to know you.

Cookies are bad because

  • Third-party cookies can access user history which results in poor security.
  • Zombie cookies are impossible to delete because they are created automatically.
  • Website cookies can help hackers to hack your data.

So last but not least web cookies policy is bits of information that enable a website to identify its users by storing the relevant information about the user in form of cookies but what makes the web cookies Policy bad are the hackers who use the information in miscellaneous ways which can harm user privacy.

Should I Delete Website Cookies From Browser?

You can not control web browsers from creating cookies but you can secure your information by deleting the cookies from your browser. Well session and permanent cookies are not risky but enabling third-party cookies on your browser can share all your browsing history to the advertisers so last but not least deleting website cookies can help in securing your data.

Let’s sum this up Though Website Cookies Policy sometimes becomes risky, you just can’t neglect their importance because cookies enable websites to remember their users and can also help them in tracking the user activities on their website.

I hope this article has made website cookies easy to understand but if you still have any questions? Mention them in the comment section.

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