Why SEO is important for business?

why seo is important for business

Reasons that make SEO Important

Every day millions of people are searching for their queries on search engines and that makes SEO an important topic of discussion for online businesses. SEO is a way of answering the queries that users type in search engines. There are millions and trillions of websites available on search engines but what differentiates the website is only SEO which helps in ranking the website.

Is SEO really necessary?

Yes, SEO plays a vital role when it comes to online business. Developing a website for your business is not enough; you have to optimize it too. Will you create a website that is not searched by the user?? I know you find this question funny but it’s a fact because It’s totally useless to create a website that is not reached by the user. Hundreds of thousands of people are searching on Google every day and millions of websites are available for answering their queries. What makes your website unique from your competitors is your content writing but the goal for ranking your content will only be achieved by SEO.

Is Ranking a Website on Google A Luck??

No, Not at all ranking a website is not at all the luck you have to do proper SEO which means your content should answer the queries that the user has searched for, and that the only factor by which search engines differentiate  the websites, So ranking a website is not at all a luck but it’s all about using proper SEO strategies

SEO a waste of money and time?

SEO is a time and effort-consuming process but it’s not at all a waste when it comes to time and money. Investing money on developing a website for your business by purchasing domain hosting, hiring developers for the development. But what if your business website is developed but is unable to reach the users, what if it’s not answering the queries that users are searching for so in that case developing a website for your business with zero SEO is a waste of money and time. Hence Complete SEO is a valuable process that helps in increasing the traffic of your site.

Does my business need SEO?

No matter what your business is about. It can either be a blog site, an e-commerce store, or a youtube channel. It requires SEO for ranking on search engines. Here are some factors that identify why SEO Services are important for any business.

  • SEO a user experience booster

SEO is directly proportional to  Ux(User experience) which means that no matter how good the content of your website is but if it’s not user-friendly then it’s not worthy and causes a bad effect on the SEO of the website. Following are two important factors that can make a site user-friendly.

1. Usability

The term usability refers to how easy a site is to use, are all the links working properly or they are giving errors.

2. User Experience

It refers to the designing of a website which means that the site is worth engaging or not. For a good user experience (UX) you have to make design from a user perspective by keeping all the ‘WH’ questions in your mind: what will the user search form, why should they navigate your site. Why should they make purchases from your site?

  • SEO makes your brand visible

SEO is a great way for increasing the visibility of your brand. the more visible your brand is the more you have chances to gain good traffic

  • SEO help in gaining the trust of users

SEO acts as a trust gainer for your user. If the user find relevant information from your site then most probably they will always trust your site for getting relevant information

  • SEO helps in getting targeted traffic:-

SEO helps in getting a targeted audience because it ranks the websites according to the location. For example, if a person living in Pakistan wants to order food the search engine will only show the relevant pages of restaurants that are not only available in Pakistan but are also relevant to the location which means a user searching from a specific location in Karachi will only get the result that is near to their location.

  • SEO can cause a long term marketing strategy

SEO is a time-consuming process  but if effects are for the long term and due to this reason it is considered as the long term marketing strategy

How much does SEO cost?

There is no exact cost of SEO as it all depends on what sort of people are you hiring for performing SEO on your business. There are lots of free google extensions like MOZ, Majestic black link analyzer, etc which help in getting the Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), and spam rate which help in analyzing the website. Apart from this there are paid tools like Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, etc. Hence the cost is all dependent on which type of people you are hiring.

When to Stop SEO?

Are you thinking that your website has reached its destination by ranking on the topmost page of search engines and you need to stop focusing on SEO?? If you are thinking then you are wrong because millions of businesses are online and everyone is working best to beat their competitors so it’s not at all a good idea to stop SEO once you have reached the topmost page on the search engine because of the minor lack in SEO can affect your rank badly and that’s how the ranking is affected so it is important to update your site and check for its ranking. SEO is a wide topic for discussion but hopefully, this article has given you profound knowledge about the importance of SEO in business but if you have further queries that feel free to ask your question in the comment section. For any other queries contact us on our Tribe-D Facebook page.

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